Where’s my money Mr. Rudd???

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Australian Politics
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It’s been four weeks since people started receiving their $900 stimulus money from the Australian government, yet I still have not received a single cent of it. Everyone else that I know has received their money, so when do I get my money? There are just two more weeks to go for the stimulus money to be delivered yet I am starting to doubt whether I am going to see any of it. I did lodge my tax return for last year and am an Australian citizen, so I am eligible for the money; I just think that once again I am going to miss out. Apparently the payments are going out completely at random, yet I am not so sure. I have noticed by perusing the internet that those of us who have not yet received their money are the same people who did not get any money the last time that Rudd decided to stimulate Australia. Perhaps that’s just a coincidence but I am not so sure!


Late news flash… according to news.com.au we may be waiting until August until we are stimulated. There’s no way I could wait that long!!! It’s funny how the ATO are telling us to be patient, yet if we owed money to them they would be hounding us day and night to pay it back!!!


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