Good Old Collingwood Forever

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Sport

On Saturday I watched the last five minutes of the Collingwood vs. Essendon ANZAC Day match on the big screen at Federation Square. I was on my way home after doing some shopping at ALDI, and was curious to see the score of the big match. We were 14 points up after just kicking a goal, with just five minutes remaining. The rain was pouring down (I ended up getting soaked) and there was no way that the Bombers could come back and steal the match from the Magpies grasp… except that is exactly what they did! Collingwood stopped completely and allowed Essendon to kick three goals and win the match.


I was very disappointed after watching Collingwood lose another close match. They are just so frustrating. I think that they may just scrape into the finals but there is no way that they have the commitment to challenge Geelong, Hawthorn or St Kilda. I think it is time that some of Collingwood’s good players finally decided to stand up and become great players. They are talented and have a lot of potential, but unless they decide to start playing smart, committed footy, they will not fulfil all of that potential.


I know that Josh Frasier gets singled out a lot by Magpies fans, and Grant Thomas has questioned his commitment after he was beaten by Essendon’s temporary ruckman Paddy Ryder. I would add the names of Didak, Cloke, Shaw, Thomas and Rocca as players who are very good, but they will never be great unless they increase their work ethic and become a lot more committed to winning. Many Collingwood players have a habit of putting in 100% effort when they are playing top teams like Geelong (although not this year) yet often lose games to lowly teams such as Richmond or Carlton (who are actually pretty good this year. Just typing that makes me cry!). As I said earlier, being a Collingwood supporter is just so frustrating!


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