Barney Bear – The Rookie Bear

Posted: April 25, 2009 in Animation, MGM
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Here’s a fun poster for Barney Bear‘s Oscar Nominated short The Rookie Bear. Reproductions of these and other posters can be easily found on Ebay and around the internet. They are relatively cheap and look pretty good.

It’s a shame that Barney Bear doesn’t have a DVD set devoted to his adventures. Some of his cartoons have been released as extras on some DVD releases, but many of these are now out of print and very hard to find. Nowdays the only choices that an animation devotee has are to either buy a DVD of unrestored cartoons from Jerry Beck‘s cartoon research garage sale or to hope to find 16mm films of the cartoons on Ebay. If you really want to see the cartoons you could just sit on your ass and wait for someone to upload the cartoon to Youtube.


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