Tex Avery’s Billy Boy

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Animation, MGM
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Wouldn’t it be great if all of Tex Avery’s classic MGM cartoons were on DVD? Well, they sort of are, in the very disappointing French DVD box set of most of Avery’s cartoons. I bought that set figuring that some Avery was better than none, and while it is great to see cartoons such as Northwest Hounded Police, Red Hot Riding Hood and Bad luck Blackie again, I would have prefered if the cartoons had at least been restored a little and if none of the cartoons were censored! I also wish that the cartoons that were left off due to being politically and racially incorrect were there to be seen too, as by leaving them off the set is just like pretending they never existed, and while they may be offensive to 21st century eyes we must remember that 50-60 years ago people didn’t really think that jokes about African Americans were anything but funny. Thankfully we’ve come a long way, but if we don’t see the mistakes of the past we don’t know exactly how far we have in fact come.

The cartoon that I want to post here is Billy Boy, a great little short that is very funny. I wanted to see this cartoon from a source that was not my DVD as that seems to have a soundtrack problem where the wolf stutters everytime he speaks. It’s really weird and annoying and I wanted to see if the cartoon was meant to be like this.


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