Hooray For The Herald Sun And The Liberal Party

Posted: April 17, 2009 in Media Watch
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You may have heard about how a boat full of asylum seekers exploded yesterday, killing three people and severely injuring several others. This is a terrible tragedy but instead of empathising with those who have lost their lives or are struggling for survival in hospital due to their horrific injuries, Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal Liberal party are just trying to score some cheap political points by saying that the Rudd government is to blame because they are soft on illegal immigrants. The Libs’ reasoning is that potential illegal refugees in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka sit around and discuss which countries have the softest immigration policies and have discovered that now that John Howard has gone, it is Australia. Yep, that sounds logical. People in Afghanistan, who are trying to avoid the constant violence that the Taliban is causing, that in recent weeks has killed two Australian soldiers, are sitting around looking at the differences between the Howard and Rudd government’s immigration policies and have decided that Rudd is softer on illegal immigrants (even though I see that there is really little difference!). The really sad thing is that so many xenophobic Australians have taken Turnbull’s bait, hook, line and sinker. Speaking of xenophobes, I have been looking at some of the comments from the Herald Sun’s website. Nearly ever poorly written, badly spelled diatribe includes the word ‘bleeding hearts’ and goes on to condemn Rudd for being soft on illegal immigration, without pointing out how he has been soft on illegal immigration. Actually most of what they have written seems to just be disrespectful and insulting comments about the Prime Minister, as well as some horribly racist mumblings, paraded as (un)informed opinion. You’d think that someone taking the time to write into the Herald Sun website would actually check their spelling, use punctuation and capital letters at the appropriate times, but the jottings of so many of the respondents look as though they can barely write their name let alone a well thought out opinion. Here’s a sampling of a few of the extreme thoughts of these troglodytes…

If these people smugglers are scum as comrad Krudd avows, why does he aid them by gutting border security and taking off those coastlines exicised by Howard. They only need to get a toe on oz soil and they are IN, and in the front of the queue for largesse (our money) literally thrown at them. IN FRONT OF YOU Posted by: peter t of oz

Wow, how witty and clever, putting a ‘K’ infront of Keving Rudd’s surname. Genius!!! Too bad you cannot put together a comprahendable arguement.

The leftist, dream world, “tree hugger”comments make ME sick. “No one is illegal”??? What idiocy is that? What, so anyone who expresses a desire to stay in Australia, regardless of background or potential criminal history gets to (with housing and full welfare support, naturally)?? Stand by for our population to top 50 million!! (80% of which is unemployed!!) People here are not racists, there are enough writers paying tribute to their LAWFUL, LAW- ABIDING, productive, immigrant fellow citizens. As John Howard said, WE WILL DECIDE WHO COMES TO AUSTRALIA, not illegal immigrants. And by WE, I mean all of us – black, brown, white or brindle! It’s not racist to reject, queue jumpers, who have, “choosily” bypassed several safe havens it has correctly been pointed out. You lefties need to join the REAL world. This is not Utopia! Posted by: Bad Brad of Cloud Cuckoo Land

Huh! In the words of Pauline Hanson, “Please explain?”

More populist (damage controlling) soundbytes from Krudd in an effort to take the focus off their policy FAILURE and direct responsibility here. That people are again encouraged to take the risky journey here ILLEGALLY and put themselves in danger sabotaging boats by this new ‘soft-touch’ approach from KRuddco is an indictment on them. The policy is to blame…RUDD’S policy. Labor had no trouble politicising the Tampa event…and yet want political criticism on this silenced while they scurry about behind the scenes in damage control to tackle valid fallout…..such as this manipulative, gratuitous, populist slap at people smugglers. That’s sure to keep the majority onside/fooled. No dice. HYPOCRITES. Posted by: Jane of Ballarat


And who are you Kleia of Melb to tell Australians they are an emarrassment to the country just because they have a different opinion to you. There are laws in this wonerful country and people should abide by them no matter what their situation is. There is also a shortage of water, road infustructure, child care, hospitals and the list goes on. If anyone could just wonder on into this country it would be stuffed within a month. There is nothing worse than an immigrant telling Australian how to think or feel. Posted by: Sharon of Vic

Kleia really upset a few people with her comments. I wonder wat she said that was so upsetting?! Oh wait, she migrated here and voiced an opinion. How dare she!!!

Lets all be airy fairy about this whole thing and just open up the boarders to EVERYONE! inlcuding Osama!? That sounds like a nice party! can i come? TSSK! Posted by: Bob of Glen Roy And why do they travel half way around the world to find safety? surely the nearest safe haven if where a geniune assylam seeker would go, but no, they liked the Postcard their cousin sent them last summer. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA Posted by: JB of Paradise

Because that is what people have been suggesting!!!

LOL. Kleia, please get back to the 7/11 and stop wasting time posting your comments here. Posted by: Fiona of Toorak

Nope, nothing offensive about this comment. You’d think that there would be a moderator at the Herald Sun website moderating commenst so that personal attacks and blatantly racist comments would not be published!

How about they just go back to where they come from and use the proper channels like everyone else has to. Is it because they are too selfish, to lazy, or because Australia is already full of migrants? Australia USE to be the good country, but thanks to all the migrants it is becoming just as bad as everywhere else in the world. Posted by: Laura of bannockburn

There was no violence or crime until migrants came here… just ask the Aborigines!

Hey Kleia of Melbourne. Its called natural selection. I am sorry they were born at the wrong time in the wrong place. I am grateful I was born here at the right time but I am also wise enough to know when to protect what I have and not let it being ruined by people that pick Australia for its way of life and then set about trying to change it. Posted by: next flight out of & take your brothers with you

Where is that moderator?

This xenophobia peddled by this newspaper is part of the reason why I rarely read the Herald Sun anymore. (That and the fact that they have increasingly been treating celebrity gossip as news!!!) By the way, here is Kleia’s comments that so offended so many people. Had to end this off with something sensible after all the dreck that others have written…

Some of you people may later take solace in the fact that you’ve not identified yourselves, but nothing will hide the embarrassment you’re causing to Australia. As an immigrant myself I can tell you right now how difficult it is to obtain welfare in a western nation. I don’t want to obtain welfare personally (as I don’t believe that living on welfare is the delightful experience some of you seem to think it is, which is completely contradtictory to your insistence in the same vein that “boatpeople” AREN’T trying to escape unpleasent situations) but I do know that I am not entitled to welfare. Also, for every immigrant who DOES wish to laze around on Australian soil there are dozens more who simply wish to work here and raise their families in peace. Who are you to claim that the windfall of your BIRTH should privilege you to the right to work and gain further education than those who happen to be born into war-torn, impoverished nations? Posted by: Kleia of Melbourne


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