Audi Truth In 24 – Free iTunes Download… But Not For Aussies!!!

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Internet, Motorsport
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A couple of weeks ago I was told that the excellent movie about Audi’s assault on the 2008 Le Mans 24 hours, Truth In 24, had been released free as a download on iTunes. This is great news only if you live in the United States as unfortunately the American iTunes store is the only one which carries this great documentary. I tried to download the movie but unfortunately Australian residents can only download stuff from the Australian iTunes store for some (stupid) reason, and the Australian iTunes store naturally enough does not have Truth In 24 available. Why is it that those of us who live in Australia always miss out on great stuff that is released overseas? It is not just iTunes that can be blamed for this as Australian DVD manufacturers also neglect to release any really good movies or shows for us. Why should we Aussies always have to put up with second best? Unfortunately there does not seem to be an email address for me to give iTunes a piece of my mind on this issue but there is an Apple support email address which I have sent an email to and that I hope may help. The address is I will let you know how things go with this!


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