AFL – Collingwood

Posted: April 12, 2009 in AFL, Sport
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I have not made any comments on the 2009 AFL football season yet, even though round three is already upon us. The reason for this is because I am a Collingwood supporter and I have learnt not to get too excited about the Magpies as they always find a way to disappoint me. Yes, I know that this sounds so pessimistic but I find that whenever I have high expectations of Collingwood they end up having a shocker of a season, whilst if I don’t have great expectations that end up doing well.


As for 2009, I do not think that they will win the premiership as I believe that Geelong will bounce back after last season’s shock defeat at the hands of Hawthorn, to dominate this year. I think Collingwood will scrape into the top eight and may reach as high as fifth at the end of season, but that’s it. I hope I’m wrong, but after the first three games of the season I don’t think so.


Thursday night’s match showed just how much better Geelong are, than Collingwood. With the exception of the first quarter Geelong was so much better, accurate and disciplined.


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