What A Waste Of Time

Posted: April 5, 2009 in Formula 1, Motorsport, Sport
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  1. The Malaysian Grand Prix has just finished. Actually it finished about an hour and a quarter ago, but it was officially called off just five minutes ago after 39 laps of exciting racing. Unfortunately the twilight race at Sepang was red flagged due to torrential rain and poor visibility making it impossible for the race to be run to completion. Many people may be cursing Mother Nature over this, but I am cursing Bernie Ecclestone. It was his idea to have a twilight Malaysian race so it would be run at a time more friendly to those living in Europe and the UK, which would improve his all important TV ratings!!!

As most Malaysians would tell you, it is crazy to have a twilight race at this time of year as there is always the possibility of early evening downpours. Now we have our second farcical race in two weeks (after last weeks stewards debacle)  even though the actual racing is better than ever. You may think what would it matter if the race is held at night if it is going to rain like this… well… if the race was held earlier in the day if it started raining they could have delayed the start or stopped the race until the rain eased, however by holding the race at dusk it meant that the light was also going to be a factor. From AFP news.

Formula One supremos must take some of the blame after pushing for a 5:00 pm start instead of its regular 3:00 pm slot to satisfy European television audiences.

With tropical Malaysia routinely getting wild storms, it was clear that if one hit during the 56-lap race they would have trouble finishing with daylight disappearing.

Nobody really is sure of the results other than Jenson Button in the Brawn has won the race.
Here are the provisional results after the race was stopped after 32 laps.

  1. Jenson Button
  2. Nick Heidfeld
  3. Timo Glock
  4. Jarno Trulli
  5. Rubens Barrichello
  6. Mark Webber
  7. Lewis Hamilton
  8. Nico Rosberg

However I think there may be a few changes to these results. Glock pitted on lap 30 whilst  Webber and Rosberg all pitted on lap 30. Trulli and Barrichello pitted on lap 32 but the results will be taken from the end of lap 31. It is all very confusing. Only half points are awarded as the race did not reach 3/4 distance.

The 2009 World Drivers Championship

  1. Jenson Button – 15 points
  2. Rubens Barrichello – 10 points
  3. Jarno Trulli – 8.5 points
  4. Timo Glock – 8 points
  5. Nick Heidfeld – 4 points
  6. Fernando Alonso – 4 points
  7. Nico Rosberg – 3.5 points
  8. Sebastian Buemi – 2 points
  9. Mark Webber – 1.5  point
  10. Lewis Hamilton – 1 point

The 2009 Constructors Championship

  1. Brawn Mercedes – 25 points
  2. Toyota – 16.5 points
  3. BMW Sauber – 4 points
  4. Renault – 4 points
  5. Williams Toyota – 3.5 points
  6. STR Ferrari – 3 points
  7. RBR Renault – 1.5 points
  8. McLaren Mercedes – 1 point

Currently only two teams have 0 points. One is Force India, which is expected, the other team struggling is Ferrari.


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