Posted: April 3, 2009 in Computer Stuff, Internet
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I have not been on the net for the last few days. I’ve been trying to avoid the April 1st Conficker virus that was supposed to bring the internet to its knees. I have been trying to backfill my backlog of blog posts. It has been quite annoying.


As a precaution I have updated my Norton virus protection and done of full virus scan. I try to do this a couple of times every week. Usually all the scan finds is a few low risk tracking cookies but nothing bad… until this evening when Norton picked up a virus. I am not sure whether this is the Cornflicker virus but I have gotten rid of it. The virus must have been picked up on Monday or Tuesday, as Monday morning was the last time that Norton performed a full system scan of my machine and I had not logged onto the internet on Wednesday or Thursday. Thankfully I have gotten rid of it before it could affect my machine.


I really wonder why these people want to cause other people pain by sending out viruses. I suppose it is greed as the Conficker virus was supposed to send banking details and passwords to cyber criminals in places like Romania, just like Romanian criminals were responsible for the recent ATM skimming in Melbourne over the last couple of weeks. (Isn’t it funny how lots of these high-tech cyber criminals come from former-Communist countries?)


I suppose this shows why you have to remain ever vigilant and keep your virus program updated.


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