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It’s been four weeks since people started receiving their $900 stimulus money from the Australian government, yet I still have not received a single cent of it. Everyone else that I know has received their money, so when do I get my money? There are just two more weeks to go for the stimulus money to be delivered yet I am starting to doubt whether I am going to see any of it. I did lodge my tax return for last year and am an Australian citizen, so I am eligible for the money; I just think that once again I am going to miss out. Apparently the payments are going out completely at random, yet I am not so sure. I have noticed by perusing the internet that those of us who have not yet received their money are the same people who did not get any money the last time that Rudd decided to stimulate Australia. Perhaps that’s just a coincidence but I am not so sure!


Late news flash… according to we may be waiting until August until we are stimulated. There’s no way I could wait that long!!! It’s funny how the ATO are telling us to be patient, yet if we owed money to them they would be hounding us day and night to pay it back!!!

I really like lookin’ at these old cartoon posters. They are a great piece of animation art and replicas can be bought quite easily form e-stores such as Moviegoods. Here are two different posters that were used for Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves.198003_1020_a143501_1020_a

Another Grand Prix and another win for the Brawn GP team and their driver Jenson Button. Despite starting from fourth on the grid Button was supreme but his win seemed to be assisted somewhat by Toyota’s poor tyre strategy at the first pit stop, and Sebastian Vettel’s uninspiring drive to second place when his car should have been quicker than Button’s. Vettel seemed content to sit behind Lewis Hamilton until his first pit stop (although Lewis did have the KERS advantage) and then did the same with Jarno Trulli until the second pit stop. I believe that if Vettel had of been able to pass either Hamilton or Trulli on the track (rather than in the pits) he could have been able to challenge Button.


Lewis Hamilton had a great drive in his dog of a McLaren. To take fourth place in that car is testimony to his skill as a driver. It was good how he kept Vettel at bay (with his KERS button) before the first pit stop, and afterwards he remained on the tail of both Vettel and Trulli who both have much better cars.


Rubens Barrichello took fifth place for Brawn, his hopes dashed by a pit strategy that did not suit, while Kimi Raikkonen scored the Scuderia’s first points with sixth place, and in doing so helped Ferrari avoid having their worst start to a season ever.


BMW Sauber had a horrendous race, coming 18th and 19th (2nd and 3rd last) for Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld. Their season which started with some promise in Melbourne seems to have gone a bit backwards. I expect that they will bounce back now that the F1 circus arrives in Europe, and at the next race in Barcelona they should do much, much better.

Good Old Collingwood Forever

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Sport

On Saturday I watched the last five minutes of the Collingwood vs. Essendon ANZAC Day match on the big screen at Federation Square. I was on my way home after doing some shopping at ALDI, and was curious to see the score of the big match. We were 14 points up after just kicking a goal, with just five minutes remaining. The rain was pouring down (I ended up getting soaked) and there was no way that the Bombers could come back and steal the match from the Magpies grasp… except that is exactly what they did! Collingwood stopped completely and allowed Essendon to kick three goals and win the match.


I was very disappointed after watching Collingwood lose another close match. They are just so frustrating. I think that they may just scrape into the finals but there is no way that they have the commitment to challenge Geelong, Hawthorn or St Kilda. I think it is time that some of Collingwood’s good players finally decided to stand up and become great players. They are talented and have a lot of potential, but unless they decide to start playing smart, committed footy, they will not fulfil all of that potential.


I know that Josh Frasier gets singled out a lot by Magpies fans, and Grant Thomas has questioned his commitment after he was beaten by Essendon’s temporary ruckman Paddy Ryder. I would add the names of Didak, Cloke, Shaw, Thomas and Rocca as players who are very good, but they will never be great unless they increase their work ethic and become a lot more committed to winning. Many Collingwood players have a habit of putting in 100% effort when they are playing top teams like Geelong (although not this year) yet often lose games to lowly teams such as Richmond or Carlton (who are actually pretty good this year. Just typing that makes me cry!). As I said earlier, being a Collingwood supporter is just so frustrating!

Ferdinand Drawing

Posted: April 25, 2009 in Disney
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Here’s an drawing from one of my favourite cartoons, Ferdinand The Bull.


I believe this is available from Van Eaton Gallery’s website.

Toyota have made a sweep of the front row of the grid for the Bahrain Grand Prix with Italy’s Jarno Trulli taking a last gasp pole position for Sunday’s race. His team mate Timo Glock secured second place in front of Chinese Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel. Jenson Button could only manage fourth in his Brawn. This is Toyota’s best opportunity to take the elusive first victory they have sought since 2002. I still think Button in the Brawn will win the race, as his car is undoubtedly considerably heavier than the three cars that are ahead of him on the grid, but I do hope that Toyota can finally break their duck.

  1. Jarno Trulli – Toyota
  2. Timo Glock – Toyota
  3. Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull Renault
  4. Jenson Button – Brawn Mercedes
  5. Lewis Hamilton – McLaren Mercedes
  6. Rubens Barrichello – Brawn Mercedes
  7. Fernando Alonso – Renault
  8. Felipe Massa – Ferrari
  9. Nico Rosberg – Williams Toyota
  10. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari
  11. Heikki Kovalainen – McLaren Mercedes
  12. Kazuki Nakajima – Williams Toyota
  13. Robert Kubica – BMW Sauber
  14. Nick Heidfeld – BMW Sauber
  15. Nelson Piquet – Renault
  16. Adrian Sutil – Force India Mercedes
  17. Sebastien Buemi – Toro Rosso Ferrari
  18. Giancarlo Fisichella – Force India Mercedes
  19. Mark Webber – Red Bull Renault
  20. Sebastian Bourdais – Toro Rosso Ferrari

Mark Webber is starting from so far back due to being blocked by Adrian Sutil on his hot lap at the end of Q1. Sutil may get a penalty but I think Webber should have had a quick lap in the bank and not left things until the last minute. It should be fascinating to see if he can drag himself up into a points scoring position. There is no reason for him not scoring a point, as he has the second best car in the field (after the Brawns).

The other points of interest I suppose is to see if Ferrari’s horror season will continue and whether Nelson Piquet can keep his Renault on the road.


    Here’s a fun poster for Barney Bear‘s Oscar Nominated short The Rookie Bear. Reproductions of these and other posters can be easily found on Ebay and around the internet. They are relatively cheap and look pretty good.

    It’s a shame that Barney Bear doesn’t have a DVD set devoted to his adventures. Some of his cartoons have been released as extras on some DVD releases, but many of these are now out of print and very hard to find. Nowdays the only choices that an animation devotee has are to either buy a DVD of unrestored cartoons from Jerry Beck‘s cartoon research garage sale or to hope to find 16mm films of the cartoons on Ebay. If you really want to see the cartoons you could just sit on your ass and wait for someone to upload the cartoon to Youtube.

    Bahrain GP Preview

    Posted: April 25, 2009 in Formula 1, Motorsport, Sport

    The Bahrain GP is this weekend, just a week after the Chinese GP. There doesn’t seem to be much of a break between races this year as this will be the fourth race in five weeks.

    I predict that the Brawns will come out on top, with the Toyotas and Red Bulls fighting for the last step on the podium. Ferrari and McLaren are still struggling, with Ferrari looking like they are getting ready to hit the panic button.

    My Predictions

    1. Jenson Button
    2. Rubens Barrichello
    3. Sebastian Vettel
    4. Jarno Trulli
    5. Mark Webber
    6. Timo Glock
    7. Robert Kubica
    8. Lewis Hamilton

    Fun Stuff

    Posted: April 25, 2009 in Animation, MGM, Misc Thoughts

    v15z15Just surfing the net I found some nice animated figurines from Demons and Merveilles, who I think are a French manufacturer. There is a lot of MGM related products featuring Tom & Jerry and Droopy, as well as Harvey/Famous related products like Casper and Hot Stuff. There is also some Disney stuff too. I’ll post some more fun stuff in the next few weeks.

    Made Of Pen And Ink

    Posted: April 23, 2009 in Animation, Fleischer Bros.

    Since yesterday was my birthday I thought it would be good to post a birthday themed cartoon. Here’s Betty Boop’s Birthday Party from 1933.

    Unfortunately there has been no official Betty Boop release on DVD and there more than likely never will be. The company who now owns Betty’s films and the rights to release them onto DVD, Lionsgate, has no intention of releasing these. (I suppose that Lionsgate has bigger problems like their massive debt, that they couldn’t be bothered releasing something that has limited appeal and may, at best, break even!) Still, there is an Offical box set of VHS tapes that the previous owner of the cartoons, Republic Films, released about a dozen years ago.