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Just a little photo from the Shell meet the Ferrari drivers promotion that was held in the Melbourne City Square this morning.


Over the last couple of days I have read two articles where Port Phillip councillors have called the end of the Grand Prix at Albert Park. They want the Australian Grand Prix Corporation to tear up their contract to hold the Grand Prix at Albert Park until 2015. They do want Victoria to retain the Grand Prix (which would be difficult if the contract is torn up), just for it not to be held in their own backyard. Sigh! Who voted for these morons!!! (Oh, wait a minute! Shit! I probably did since I live within the Port Phillip electorate! Damn!)

Port Phillip Council is irrelevant anyway. Does anyone take them seriously? The council (and all local governments) are made up of latte drinking, car hating, vegans who believe in fairies (or as they say, faeries) and have an inflated sense of their own importance. They feel that they can impose their own hippy values onto everyone else because they are the only ones who can save the planet. They think that they know everything, but they really know nothing. They say that Formula 1 is environmentally unfriendly (which it is) and will die out because of climate change (no it won’t). They don’t care that motor racing is making real efforts to develop alternative fuels and will test these fuels before we use them in our cars. They don’t care because they hate cars and wants the whole world to ride bicycles everywhere!!! To read what I wrote a year ago about the people who hate the Grand Prix, click here.

On a similar note the Sydney City Council have banned Tim Tam biscuits from council meetings and even from meal on wheels because they use cocoa that may have been harvested by child labourers in west Africa. Red meat and eggs have also been banned, even though these do not come from Africa! Instead the poor pensioners who rely on meals on wheels will now have vegan alternatives, which I am sure they will love. (See what I mean about councillors being hippies!) The Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore (hippy name) wants council to have sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free catering. So Tim Tams have been banned, even though Arnotts only use a miniscule amount of African cocoa from a supplier aligned with the International Cocoa Initiative, which is dedicated to ensuring no child is exploited in the growing of cocoa and to ending child and forced labour. Doh!