Ego is not a dirty word, it’s just not helpful for democracy to flourish!

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Australian Politics
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Senator Steven Fielding is at it again. A little while ago I posted on how the Family First senator had tried to deny me from getting my $900 government handout by threatening to block the government’s economic stimulus package. Now he has opposed the government’s proposed alcopops tax. The reason for his opposition to this is because he wants the government to add an amendment to the bill that will ban alcohol companies from sponsoring sporting events. Huh! It just doesn’t make sense. He wants the government to put a tax hike on the alcopops so as to make them less attractive to binge drinking teenagers, yet he won’t allow the proposed tax hike to be passed because he wants something totally unrelated to be added to the bill. This guy is supposedly a Christian, whose party espouses Christian values, yet he seems to just be another typical politician who likes getting his own name in the headlines rather than doing what is right for the country. He’s just as much an egomaniac as Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull and I’d bet that he has scrap books full of newspaper clippings of his headlining antics.


On a related note, if Fielding wants to do something useful he could oppose the government’s proposal to block Australian internet users from viewing certain sites. A list of blacklisted websites has been leaked, and if you think that it is just going to be kiddie porn that will be banned then you are sadly wrong. About half the sites on the list are not child pornography sites but are Youtube links, online poker sites, Wikipedia entries, some Christian sites, a tour operator and a Queensland dentist. It’s funny how last August we criticised the Chinese government for banning websites related to the Tiananmen massacre or Falun Gong yet our government will potentially be doing the same thing. One of the websites that is already banned by our government is Wikileaks, an anonymous document repository for whistleblowers which has published the sites that have been blacklisted. The only other countries that have banned this site are those bastions of free speech, China and the United Arab Emirates. What illustrious company to be with!!!


By the way, I cannot post the actual list of sites that are blacklisted. Whirlpool forums did post a link to the list but had to remove it as they were threatened with an $11000 a day fine if they did not do so. Isn’t it great how democracy works?! Oh wait, this is NOT what is supposed to happen in a democracy! This is the type of shit that happens in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea. Kevin Rudd and Stephen Conroy take a bow!!!

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