Democracy In Australia!!!

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Australian Politics
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I just posted about how a list was leak to the internet of websites that have been blacklisted by the Australian Media and Communications Authority  and are therefore unfit to be seen by Australian eyes. The sites on the list are not just child pornography or other heinous, disgusting sites that should be banned, but also feature regular pornography sites, online poker sites, Wikpedia pages, Youtube links, religious sites, a tourism operator and a Queensland dentist. Stephen Conroy has come out and said that the list is a fake, but if anyone links to the fake list they will be subject to $11000 a day fines and face ten years in prison. Huh!!! I thought that this list was FAKE!!! If it is FAKE then it is not the REAL list!!! Why is it illegal to link to a FAKE list? Why is the government being so secretive with all this. I suppose if we link to the real list then we would face a $200000 fine and 1000 years in jail?! As I have said, ban the child pornography sites but anything that is legal such as regular porn, gambling or dentistry should not be banned!


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