More On The Hanson Controversy!

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Australian Politics

Apparently those nude photos were not of Pauline Hanson, even though they look an awfully lot like her. Pauline has now come out and said that these are photos of some other woman (her evil twin sister!!!) and that she will release some other photos of her own that will feature her belly button or something. Please Pauline, for the love of God; no-one wants to see anymore provocative photos of you undressed!!! Actually… it seems that there are some perverts out there who have found their ways here in search of Pauline’s nude photos. That’s what it says in my blog stats. Gross!!! Are there really people who are sick enough to want to see Pauline Hanson pornography? I’m not a prude but the people who I want to see naked are at least attractive! I hope that all of those people searching for the photos are doing so in order to ridicule Pauline and not to masturbate over images of her. That would be foul!


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