Walt Disney’s Pigs Is Pigs

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Disney, Pablo, Pets
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Astoundingly, the most viewed post on this blog is one in which I just posted a picture of a guinea pig lifting weights. It was not anything original or even something that was new, as this picture and several others like it cameout before the 2008 Olympics, yet people just seem to like that picture. It is cute but not really something that I put effort into or anything.

I have also posted some much sadder stuff, about the death of my own little Guinea Pig Pablo, and the trials, tribulations, heartache and pain that we had after his death with the pet funeral service Pets At Peace. I really wish that I could have posted more stuff about Pablo when he was alive!

Now I am going to post a cartoon about guinea pigs. Hooray!!! Since this blog is named Cartoons And Comic Books I thought that it was about time that I posted something animation related as I don’t think that I have posted any cartoon stuff for a couple of months. Disney’s Pigs Is Pigs is a cute cartoon that is as much about what can happen if you don’t occassionally bend the rules, as it is about guine pigs.



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