What A Way To Do Business!

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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Two months ago we changed to a new storage space in the city. There were a number of reasons for doing so, which I hinted at in a previous post. I am now wondering if we made the right move.

A couple of days ago we received a letter from our new storage place that stated that we had not paid our rent for March 2009. The only problem is that we have paid for 2009 and unfortunately for them, we have ample proof that we have paid our bill. Whoops!!! I paid the bill using internet banking and can easily bring up on my computer screen proof of the transaction. Add to that my monthly bank statement that has this transaction on it. I also have a copy of an email that I sent the storage company telling them that I had paid the bill. They did not respond to this email.

I have sent off another email again stating that the bill has been paid and giving them details of the transaction. I hope that they actually respond to this email too, but it is not a good way to do business if you lose the details of someone’s payment.


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