Peter Costello vs Malcolm Turnbull

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Australian Politics, Misc Thoughts
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It looks as though Peter Costello is going to challenge Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberal Party leadership soon. This is what the media spin doctors are saying but I don’t think it will be so. I think Lou Costello is more likely to challenge Turnbull because Peter has proved time and time again he doesn’t have the balls to challenge for the party leadership and that he does not want to be leader of the opposition. This is why he never challenged John Howard for the leadership, but instead would whine about Howard being decrepit from behind the scenes. If Costello really wanted to be the leader of the opposition he could have done so unopposed, after their defeat at the last election. Instead he declined the opportunity and has sat on the back bench sniping at Brendan Nelson and now Turnbull.

On a similar note, Malcolm Turnbull is obviously a man of the future as he’s hip and cool and in touch with all the kids. He’s even got his own Myspace page which proves just how cool he is, even though the only people who use Myspace now are those who aren’t old enough to vote. All the really cool kids now use Facebook Mal, but I guess you’re working on that as you haven’t bothered to log in to your Myspace page for two months. I wonder if Costello has a Myspace or Facebook page.

I personally think that they should just both get into a steel cage to settle their differences. It would make politics more interesting. Dave Batista is currently in Melbourne and the WWE is touring in July, so maybe we could get them to arrange something?!

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