Watching the late night news on Channel 10 the other night I saw Angela Bishop reporting that Kylie Minogue had joined the Wiggles to record the 1969 Toots and the Maytals’ song Monkey Man for their latest album. It’s a shame that this is not the Rolling Stones’ Monkey Man from the fantastic Let It Bleed album also from 1969. It would be interesting to see the Wiggles singing a song about drug addiction but I think it’s just a little inappropriate.


In a similar vein, yesterday the Herald Sun’s Susie O’Brien complained that lots of online music fans had criticised Kylie for agreeing to appear at the Sound Relief concert at the MCG next week. O’Brien asks the question, “I bet you’ve heard of Kylie Minogue – but how about Kings of Leon or Wolfmother? Or Liam Finn? Jack Johnson? … Probably not.”


Obviously O’Brien has been living under a rock for the last twelve months if she has not heard of Kings of Leon. Either that or she listens exclusively to ABC FM or talkback radio, because Kings of Leon have been played to death on every other FM station from Triple M to MIX 101, from FOX FM to Triple J. Even Gold 104 which only plays ‘good time oldies’, has spoken about how good Kings of Leon are and their chart topping song Sex On Fire.


Whilst I am unfamiliar with Liam Finn (Neil’s son?), even my Mum could tell you who Wolfmother are, as everyone knows that they are a Led Zeppelin cover band! (Only joking!) Jack Johnson is perhaps most well known for the song Upside Down from the Curious George soundtrack, and for hanging around with Ben Harper (another musician who Susie O’Brien hasn’t heard of?).


The sad thing about all this is that O’Brien does not look like she is 100 years old in her photograph above the article. This obviously makes her a nerd who does not listen to music radio or as I said earlier, only listens to ABC FM. Zzzzzzz!!! If this is the case then she really has no place in trying to discuss popular, music as she has no idea what she is talking about.


Just who is Susie O’Brien anyway? I rarely read the H’un and only do so when I am pointed to some piece of stupidity like this. All I know is that O’Brien is also responsible for THIS great piece of investigative journalism.

  1. […] on March 11, 2009 I just wrote about Susie O’Brien’s column on Kylie Minogue and Kings of Leon here. I have done a little bit more research on the Herald Sun columnist Susie O’Brien by using […]

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