The Great Dilema!

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Online Auctions

There is obviously some higher being or power that does not want me to see the Great Dictator in its entirety. That is the only explanation that I have for the rubbish that I have had to go through just to see this film.


Firstly I borrowed the movie from the City Library in Melbourne. I watched the film until about half way through when the DVD froze and the DVD player stopped. It would not go any further and I could not see the rest of the film. I was disappointed but the disc was very scratched and it is not unusual for discs that I borrow from the City Library to be unplayable all the way through. Unfortunately the people who borrow disc from there don’t really take much care of them and they get scratched and damaged. I think a lot of people take the view that they don’t need to be careful with what they borrow because it does not belong to them.


Just this week I bought the Great Dictator from Ebay. It was the Chinese imported disc because the Australian and American versions are no longer in print. I have bought these Chinese discs before without problem, but this time the disc froze in the exact same place as it did with the City Library one, which was the official version. There are no scratches on the disc so there must be some sort of error. I have sent an email to the Ebay seller asking for a replacement disc (they had 10 in stock) but doubt that they will respond at all, although they do have a seven day refund policy. Perhaps I will keep you posted!


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