Posted: March 6, 2009 in Melbourne
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This weekend is the Labor Day long weekend in Melbourne which also means that it is Moomba time. The Moomba festival begins tomorrow night but I fear that it has lost a lot of its lustre in the last few years. Up until recently it was a week long festival but now it just runs for four days.


I think the first time I attended Moomba I was seven years old. I went with my school to the festival on the banks of the Yarra River. I cannot remember much about that day except we caught one of the Harris blue trains from Noble Park station to Flinders Street, and that I bought a show bag full of lollies. I would have probably of watched the waterskiing or gone on a ride, but I cannot really remember.


I don’t think that I ever went to Moomba with my family. We used to go to the Melbourne Show in September, but never Moomba. I think that Moomba was always considered the poor mans show, although everyone would watch the Moomba parade on Channel 7 and then the waterskiing and birdman rally.


I did start going to Moomba in the mid-1990s with Priscilla as this was something she really enjoyed. I think that in 1996 we saw Zig and Zag at what would have been their last Moomba appearance. They were always a part of Moomba (as well as the Good Friday appeal) and it was not long after this that the allegations about Zig being a child molester came out. Zag always seemed like the grumpy, creepy one of the duo but I guess that this shows that looks can be deceiving. I think that I would have freaked out on seeing Zig and Zag anyway, as I am deathly afraid of clowns. I have always thought that clowns are pretty scary and think that under all that makeup they must be hiding something.


We’ll probably go down to the Yarra sometime this weekend after I finish work. We’ll probably only stay for an hour or so as we’ll again discover that we have outgrown the Moomba festival.


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