Circus Posters

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Circus
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Here’s an old post from my other blog that I am bringing over here. I did this one on December 27, 2007.


In the 21st century circuses have become quite politically incorrect. Very few people these days agree with the idea of having performing animals at a circus as many people believe that this is cruel. It is not natural for an elephant or a lion to even be confined to a zoo let alone in a circus. Still, as a child I always wanted to go to the circus. I think my parents only ever took me a couple of times. It would be very hard for parents to take their kids to a circus with animals today, as many city and town councils have banned them from their towns. I find these reproduction vintage circus posters to be very fascinating. The originals are all from around 1900 or even earlier and they can be found all over Ebay. They are colourful and interesting and tell us a little about how much things have changed in the last century.


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