Oztion Australian Online Auctions

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Online Auctions
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I previously mentioned Oztion online auctions. This is a relatively new Australian online auction company that is rapidly becoming an alternative to Ebay. I think that more and more Ebay sellers will be fleeing to Oztion as Ebay’s fees and cahreges to sellers are just much too high, which is why many people refer to Ebay as FeeBay.
Because of the lower fees and charges on Oztion prices are generally a bit lower than Ebay, which means that you are more likely to pick up a bargain.
Of course if you really want to you can bid on some of the items that Priscilla and I have up for auction. Yes, I know that I should not use this blog for some shameless self promotion or as a way to make money or shill stuff that I want to do, but I will anyway. We do have some great items up for bid at reasonable prices. If interested please click on the links.


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