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I haven’t spoken about classic animation for a while, probably because there seems to be no releases of classic cartoons on DVD on the horizon. I am also actively trying to distance myself from a lot of classic cartoon fans, especially those who frequent the internet, because they sometimes depress me and I don’t understand how they can be so obsessive about things. These people always look forward to cartoon DVD releases just so that they can criticize them. They watch the things on their computer (why?) in super-slo mo, frame by frame, just so that they can find something to nit pick over.

Then there are the so called experts who depress me even more. These are the people who like to let everyone know that they are a fountain of knowledge and have a wealth of experience, yet if you ask them a question they will respond by telling you to go and do some research yourself, or complain that they answered the question that you asked back in 2004 and that you really should go trawling through the thousands of old thread on the message board to find the answer that you seek. They also have a habit of stomping over the opinions of anybody who don’t have their wealth of knowledge and can be very curt with their put downs. In my opinion they also seem to be very intolerant of younger people, especially teenagers, who should be the very people that they encourage in this hobby.

I always thought that watching cartoons was a fun activity that shouldn’t be taken seriously, yet I fail to see how any of these people could find any enjoyment in their life at all.


Here is the third and final part of this epic story from Doug Moench. I posted part 1 earlier as well as part 2.

I previously mentioned Oztion online auctions. This is a relatively new Australian online auction company that is rapidly becoming an alternative to Ebay. I think that more and more Ebay sellers will be fleeing to Oztion as Ebay’s fees and cahreges to sellers are just much too high, which is why many people refer to Ebay as FeeBay.
Because of the lower fees and charges on Oztion prices are generally a bit lower than Ebay, which means that you are more likely to pick up a bargain.
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