Posted: February 12, 2009 in Australian Politics
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Hmmm, I always thought that the members of the Australian senate were meant to be representing the people from their state, not themselves. Yet it seems that Victorian senator Steve Fielding, from the religious Family First party, is going to obstruct the government from passing the new stimulus package because he is upset at the way the federal government has been treating him. Boo hoo, my heart bleeds for him. Apparently he couldn’t sleep because his vague plan to set aside $4 billion dollars from the plan for job creation was ignored because the plan he created was short on detail and difficult to understand. I wish that everyone, including Senators Fileding and Xenophon, would forget about their own vested interests and just think of how best to help the whole country get through this financial crisis.

  1. […] by Millsie on March 19, 2009 Senator Steven Fielding is at it again. A little while ago I posted on how the Family First senator had tried to deny me from getting my $90…. Now he has opposed the government’s proposed alcopops tax. The reason for his opposition to this […]

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