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This is the second part of a three part story by Doug Moench. Part one has previously been posted here. Part 3 will be posted here tomorrow.



Posted: February 12, 2009 in Australian Politics
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Hmmm, I always thought that the members of the Australian senate were meant to be representing the people from their state, not themselves. Yet it seems that Victorian senator Steve Fielding, from the religious Family First party, is going to obstruct the government from passing the new stimulus package because he is upset at the way the federal government has been treating him. Boo hoo, my heart bleeds for him. Apparently he couldn’t sleep because his vague plan to set aside $4 billion dollars from the plan for job creation was ignored because the plan he created was short on detail and difficult to understand. I wish that everyone, including Senators Fileding and Xenophon, would forget about their own vested interests and just think of how best to help the whole country get through this financial crisis.

I first became aware of this story by David V. Reed after reading Robbie Reed’s excellent Dial B For Blog article on Bill Finger’s contribution to Batman and DC Comics. It appeared in the Amazing World of DC Comics #10, just a year or so after Finger’s death in 1974. What is most ironic is that in the Amazing World of DC Comics #1 DC published this tribute to Finger.

Robbie Reed posted just a page of the tasteless story, but here is the whole kit and caboodle from Amazing World of DC Comics #10.

I really don’t see why DC would publish this story, especially as Finger was quite a loyal company guy (I’m sure other comics’ companies would have loved him writing for them), and wrote over 1500 stories for DC. I don’t see why they would disrespect someone just after their death just because he missed a few deadlines or regularly needed he wages advanced to him. I wonder if this was David Reed showing his jealousy for Finger, as a lot of Reed’s stories from the 50s were assumed by many fans to have been written by Finger? Still, that doesn’t explain why DC would publish a story that was one mans grudge against a fellow writer, and I’m sure Finger would be a guy who would want everyone to be credited for what they actually did. Maybe this was payback by DC over Finger exposing the fact that for almost 30 years DC gave him no credit for his part in the creation of Batman? I also have to ask why the editor of AWoDC, Paul Levitz, would allow the story to be published?