Apology To The Stolen Generations

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Australian Politics
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Brendan Nelson is upset that the Prime Minister is not consulting him over the wording on the apology to the stolen generation. Umm, Brendan, have you forgotten that you and your political party are now irrelevant. You guys lost big time during the last election and you don’t even have the full support of your party over this issue. If you really wanted to have a say as to the wording on the apology, you should have been prompting John Howard to apologise to the Aborigines during the decade or so that you guys were in power.

As to whether the government should apologise, I think that they should. While many people debate and say that there was no stolen generation, that Aboriginal kids were taken from their families for their own good and that this sort of things happened so many years ago, but I am not so sure. From what I know this thing happened from the 1920s until the mid-1970s, and whilst some kids were undoubtedly taken for good reason, others were taken just because of government policy. Also, many people, such as the RSL have demanded that the Japanese government apologise to Australian POWs due to the way they were treated during World War II, and I don’t see how the passage of time arguement can be used in one case but not another.


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