Bushfire Update and random thoughts

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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The weekend’s fires have brought out both the best and the worst o people. It looks like it could be over 200 people who have perished in what has become the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history. Hundreds of others have lost their houses and/or their livelihoods as well. There are lots of reports on the generosity of Australians who have been donating goods, money and their time, to assist those who have lost everything. This is great and I’d like to think that everyone was so generous and nice, but sadly this is not the case.

I previously mentioned in another post that many of the fires were deliberatly lit. I am still in disbelief that anyone could be this malicious. Worse still, there have been some people who have been relighting fires after the firefighters have gotten them under control. Who would really do something so awful?

Other fires seem to have been caused by the careless and the brainless. The fire ne Narre Warren seems to have been caused by some moron using power tools outside on a 47 degree day. He obviously didn’t think that sparks from his power drill could set the bone dry bushland alight. At least one fire seems to have been caused by a smoker carelessly discarding their cigarette butt, which is not surprising considering that 1/4 of smokers have a selfish attitude where they don’t seem to give a damn about anyone except themselves. (This is based on my anecdotal evidence of smokers who decide to light up in crowded areas and share their disgusting, carcinogenic, toxic, fumes with as many people as they possibly can!)

I am also dismayed about reports of several ghouls who have been doing some sightseeing in the burnt out areas, and of looters stealing from the destroyed homes of people who have perished in the fires. I try to be optimistic and look for the good qualities of everyone, but what can you say about people who are some heartless?


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