Posted: February 9, 2009 in Movie Review
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I finally relented the other day and saw Baz Lurhman’s film Australia. My first thought is that whilst the film was not as horrible as I thought that it was going to be, it was still pretty horrible. Baz Lurhman obviously told the actors to camp things up as much as possible, especially Nicole Kidman with her laughable English accent and the evil David Wenham, while Hugh Jackman plays a typical Aussie stereotype. The less said about Jack Thompson’s performance the better.

I must make mention of David Gulpilil’s performance as the aboriginal magic man with his mystical super powers of just turning up everywhere, standing around a bit, using his magical mystical powers somehow, and then mysteriously disappearing. I’m not sure what he was meant to be doing other than representing that aborigines have powers or something. I’d prefer that we had real characters not caricatures and stereotypes, although I must say that the kid who played Nullah, Brandon Walters, is pretty good and gave a terrific, enthusiastic performance.


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