Posted: February 8, 2009 in Melbourne, Misc Thoughts
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I feel quite horrible at the moment. For the last few hours I have been watching TV and witnessing the horror and devastation of the Victorian bushfires that have raged for the last two days. At the moment 76 people have been confirmed to have perished in the fires, whilst the towns of Marysville and Kinglake seem to have been wiped out. Over 700 homes have been destroyed and currently there are several people being treated for severe burns in the Alfred Hospital. Former channel 9 newsreader Brian Naylor is missing, whilst his wife has been confirmed to have died and there are grave fears for Naylor, who is a Melbourne icon. The fires have been declared the worst natural disaster in Victoria’s history, and has so far claimed almost double the amount of lives of the 1984 Ash Wednesday fires.

The thing that angers me so much is that many of these fires were avoidable. It seems more likely that these fires have either been deliberately lit, or caused by carelessly discarded cigarette butts. Worse still there have been reports of the fire bugs relighting fires that firefighters have gotten under control. Whilst I am not surprised at the idiocy of some smokers who would stupidly throw there cigarette butts from their cars on a 46 degree day, as I have become convinced that around 25% of smokers don’t give a shit about anyone except themselves, I don’t understand why anyone would callously and deliberately light a fire that can cause so much destruction. I know that these impotent fools do get some sort of sick sexual gratification out of fire and causing this sort of destruction, but like most normal people I still find it hard to fathom just why they would do this.

There’s probably not much else I can say about this as I am at a loss for words and am having a tough time in just being able to put together a coherent sentence. I will add a news link to the bottom of the post for anyone who wants to keep in touch with what is happening.

Bushfires in Victoria kill 76, death toll will rise

  1. […] mathewm1 on February 8, 2009 Just to show how fast these fires are moving and how bad the news is, only half an hour after my last post, it is now confirmed that 84 people are now dead. It has also been announced officially that former […]

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