Joker Update

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Batman, DC Comics, The Joker
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I am half way through Joker week and already I want to extend it even more. Maybe I can make it a Joker month. I have alot more Golden Age Joker stories that I want to post, as well as a very lengthy story from the 1980s written by Doug Moench and a three parter written by David V. Reed. There are a couple of Golden Age stories I would like to include but cannot find copies or scans of. One of these stories, The Joker’s Millions from Detective Comics 180 February 1952 is a favourite of mine and I endeavour to eventually post it on this blog.

Stories already on this blog are:

The Joker Reforms
The Sound Effects Crimes
The Joker Batman
This One’ll Kill You Batman!
The Joker’s Rumpus Room Revenge
The Joker’s Five Way Revenge
The Happy Victims
The Joker’s Movie Crimes
The Joker Walks The Last Mile

Coming up hopefully will be The Joker’s Advertising Campaign, The Man Who Wrote The Joker’s Jokes, The Joker’s Comedy Of Errors and (I think) Slay ‘Em With Flowers.


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