Crazy With The Heat

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Animation

I thought that it was time to post an update on this here blog. I haven’t posted too much this week for a number of reasons and have a lot of things that I want to say.  It’s also been too damn hot to post anything. A week with scorching 40 + degrees temperatures is just too much for me. I cannot function at all once the temperature reaches 30 which is why I haven’t been putting much effort into this. (Like I really put effort into it before!)


In regards to animation, Cartoon expert Jerry Beck appeared on internet radio and had lots of news. He announced that Warner Home Video are not going to release any Looney Tunes or Popeye DVDs this year. We knew that the Looney Tunes Golden Collection would not appear this year but it was assumed they would still be restoring and releasing Looney Tunes cartoons under another title. It was also assumed that the Popeye cartoons would continue. Hopefully these sets are just going on hiatus and that in 2010 they will be released looking better than ever.


One big announcement was that there will be a Terrytoons DVD released this year. Pretty soon we’ll be able to see Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckyl and other Terry characters’ cartoons on DVD, which is something many animation fans thought would never happen. It was also announced that a third volume of the Woody Woodpecker series of DVDs would also be released, which is again something many people thought would not happen due to much material being lost in last years Universal Studios fire.


The rumours also persist about a UPA cartoon DVD being scheduled for release this year. Jerry Beck did not mention anything about this but several people who know people who work on these DVD projects have said that there is a UPA set in the works that is set to come out some time in 2009.


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