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Sabotage is a 1936 film by master director Alfred Hitchcock. This movie, made in Britain four years before Hitch went to Hollywood, is quite eerie when watched from a modern perspective, thanks to its ending which sort of prophesied real life events seventy years later. This film is a part of Force Entertainment’s Hitchcock Collection Volume 2, which can be picked up for around $20 from JB Hifi, although occasionally they have discounted it to just $10.

The films starts quite slowly and mysteriously, as Hitchcock lets us in on the suspicious activities of cinema owner Mr Verloc, his wife and her brother. It seems that Mr Verloc may be a saboteur who was somehow involved in London’s blackout. Mrs Verloc is not wise to her husbands’ activities, although Scotland Yard detective Ted Spencer has the Verlocs and their cinema under observation.

About half way through the film takes a twist, when Verloc’s co-conspirator tells Verloc that he is unhappy with the blackout and wants things to be more destructive. He instructs Verloc to go to collect a bomb to plant into Piccadilly Circus tube station. Verloc protests that he doesn’t want to endanger any human lives, although it seems that he really doesn’t have a choice in the matter. His hope to not hurt human lives seems almost noble, here even though Hitchcock does continue to portray him as the evil foreigner who cannot be trusted throughout the film, however it later seems that this is a facade.

The final portion of the film is the most disconcerting and is what caused Leonard Maltin to dub this as the film in which Hitchcock took things too far. Verloc instruct his wife’s teenage brother Stevie to deliver the bomb to its final destination, due to his discovery that Spencer has him under observation. Verloc does not tell Stevie what he is delivering, and Stevie just assumes that it is a film. All Stevie knows is that the package must be left in the cloak room at Piccadilly by 1.30. Unfortunately for Stevie he is delayed along the way and the bomb explodes while he is on a bus. What happens seems eerily similar to what occurred in London in 2005. Mrs Verloc finds out and ends up killing her husband. Spencer discovers this but declares his love for Mrs Spencer and determines that they should run away, although Mrs Verloc wants to confess.

The bombmaker’s wife finds out that her husband’s bomb blew up the bus and that it may be traced back to him. He is instructed to go to Verloc’s to retrieve the evidence. When he gets there he finds that the police want to arrest him. He also discovers Verloc’s dead body and decides to blow himself up, making it impossible to know that Verloc was dead before the bomb went off.

The film is quite slow in parts and the ending is a little off putting, but I do think that this film is quite enjoyable.

Here is Hitch on the Dick Cavett show discussing Sabotage.

Batman’s Arabian Nights

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Here’s another Joker story that was referenced in Gaiman and Kubert’s ‘Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader’. I do have three of the four Joker stories that were referenced in that one panel by Kubert, although I’m not sure if I will post Gaggy’s moment of glory. I must say that Kubert must have just been looking at old Batman and Detective Comics covers when he did that panel, because if he had of read this story he would have realised that it does not feature the Joker as such, but instead time travel and some guy from 1000 years ago who looks like the Joker. It also features the Batman tickling the Joker doppelgagger.

Blah, blah, blah!!!

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I haven’t made many posts for the last few days/weeks. I think that the reason has been that I’ve either been too busy or I couldn’t be bothered posting stuff. I have to somehow find some inspiration to do something slightly creative with this blog.

Comic Index

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I have set up an index of comic stories. If anyone wants to read a comic story that I have posted on this blog, they now don’t have to search all over the place to find them. You can either click on the link at the side of the blog, or just click here.

The Joker Follows Suit

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It’s been a little while since I posted. I have been very busy and I really haven’t had much to blog about. Anyway here is an interesting story featuring the Clown Prince of Crime. This story was briefly referenced in the recent issue of Batman, “Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?”

Audi R15

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Audi have posted this High Resolution picture of the forthcoming R15 on its website. Looks very aggressive and will probably give the Peugeot’s a good run for their money. Of course we won’t know until Sebring next month.

I am putting a brief hiatus on my posting of Joker stories. Whilst the Joker is undoubtedly my favourite of all comic book characters, I feel that I must move onto other things. I will still try to post at least one Joker story a week, and to do more features on the Clown Prince of Boners, but it won’t be as overwhelming as it has been over the last fortnight. I have been meaning to write something in depth, rather than just post scans of old comic stories, but have been a little too busy to do so. I will still do this, as well as look at the current runs of Grant Morrison and Paul Dini on Batman and Detective Comics respectively, as soon as I get the chance.

Here is the final Joker story for at least a week, The Man Who Wrote The Joker’s Jokes.