Posted: January 29, 2009 in Sports Entertainment
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I heard the news the other day that Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble and will now be featured in the headlining match at Wrestlemania. This is why I no longer watch the WWE. Why would the WWE have Orton, someone who has zero charisma and even less wrestling ability, main event their biggest show of the year? The last I heard of Orton was that he had been suspended by the WWE for repeated violations of their Wellness Policy. Obviously he has returned and been rewarded for his efforts.

I was watching the Hulk Hogan Anthology DVD yesterday and had forgotten how horrible a wrestler Hogan is and how awful Hogan vs. Andre the Giant was. As a spectacle it was great, full of energy and anticipation from the crowd, but the match itself was slow and boring. I think in all Hogan got just five offensive moves in, including the infamously crappy leg drop of doom finisher, while Andre just plodded along very slowly. For such a famous match it is a major disappointment. It certainly comes nowhere near the class of Savage vs. Steamboat.


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