Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane – The Catwoman’s Black Magic (part 1)

Posted: January 28, 2009 in DC Comics, Superman
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Some comic stories can be considered great art, while others defy description. While Lois Lane’s comic book was often really awful, one wonders just what sort of drugs the writer was taking when he cam up wth this story. Inexplicably this story was a two parter, with part 1 being in Lois Lane #70 and part two in Lois Lane #71.

Part two will be posted here.
Part three will be posted here.
The fourth and final part will be posted here.

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  2. […] and going and going. Rest assured that the longer ths story goes does not mean the better it gets. Part one is here and part two is […]

  3. […] this inexplicably long and weird story from Lois Lane that really defies all logic and common sense. Part one was posted here, part two here and part three […]

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