Australia Day 2009

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Misc Thoughts

Yesterday I speculated about the possibility of loutish behaviour during Australia Day festivities by yobbos draped in the flag, and I am glad that some morons in Sydney did not let me down. I saw on the news how these brain dead fools racially taunted and abused non-caucasian people by telling them to fuck off out of the country (how original). Of course I would prefer that all these dickheads who make Australians like me embarrassed should be shipped off to some island somewhere, so that the rest of us don’t have to put up with their stupidity. Those people who scream “You flew here, we grew here” should just go somewhere else.

Closer to home, I am disappointed to say that my other half Priscilla was spat upon whilst she watched the Australia Day events in Melbourne’s City Square. I was not there but she told me that there was a couple of dopes who were annoying everyone around them. The male member of this couple of ‘proud Palestinians’ then decided to spit on Priscilla and a young (10 year old)  Asian Australian girl sitting next to her. Everyone was shocked that this sort of disgusting behaviour had occurred, and I am disappointed that I was not there due to work commitments, as I really would have given this pathetic excuse for a human being a piece of my mind and possibly a piece of my fist. Sometimes people who live here (whether born here or migrated here) just embarrass me a lot.


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