Cheggars – Charity Beggars

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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I am fed up with having to run the gauntlet of people collecting for charities every time I leave my house. You may think that I am a cruel and heartless person for making that statement, but I do have my reasons. Firstly collecting for charities has changed in the last few years. In the past all the collectors wanted was that you either gave them your loose change or bought a raffle ticket, but not anymore. Now they expect you to make regular monthly payments of no less than $20 a month to be deducted from your credit card for life. Yes, that is a $240 a year minimum commitment that does not have an expiry date.

If you refuse the advances of these collectors you are most likely to be met with a smart arse remark such as, “Don’t you are about the environment?” or “Don’t you want to cure AIDS?”. Of course I want to do these things but if I signed up to every charity then pretty soon I would be needing their help myself. In these days of job uncertainty and high rents I cannot afford to give money every month to charity, but I will buy a raffle ticket, give loose change or even buy the Big Issue.

I also have concerns about many of the charities, especially those who pay people to collect money on their behalf instead of relying on volunteers. How do I know that the money I give to the charity is not being used to pay the wage of someone collecting for the charity, rather than saving the giant panda or whatever?  How also do I know that the charity is not going to use the money I donate to launch a series of frivolous lawsuits over the exclusive use of some initials?


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