Cricket Australia Disadvantage Victoria AGAIN!!!

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Sport
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Cricket Australia must really hate Victoria. Why else would they refuse letting Cameron White and David Hussey play in the state 20/20 championship finals that if the Vics win, would enable them to play in the world 20/20 championships in India? Why else would they allow NSW to choose a ringer in New Zealand test player in Brendan McCullum to play in the final when he is not a NSW player? Obviously Cricket Australia want NSW to win, even though Victoria has lost just one 20/20 match in three years.

Also, I must talk about all this hype about David Warner. He made a big score in his first outing in green and gold in the 20/20 match against South Africa a couple of weeks ago at the MCG. Straight after that match many people were saying that he should be in the Australian test team and that he was the real deal. Since then he has been a miserable failure. What annoys me is that other players pay their dues and are stuck playing good cricket for their state year after year yet are never chosen to play for Australia, yet Warner was still able to play for Australia without playing a single first class match, even though it was just for a meaningless series of shit and giggles, just because he is from NSW.

And people wonder why us Victorians feel like Cricket Australia and the Australian selectors hate Victorian cricketers.


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