Oztion – Australian For Auction

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Online Auctions
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I am really quite fed up with Ebay. I have tried selling on Ebay Australia for a while, but things have become really difficult lately. It seems that Ebay has become FeeBay, as they seem to be adding more and more fees and charges to sellers to list their items. These additional fees means that you have to increase the prices of the items that you list, which means that less people actually buy your products. It is so frustrating.

Recently I heard about Oztion an Australian auction site. The fee structure is much better than Ebay, as sellers can list their items for free. You only pay a fee if your item sells. Whilst buyers from all over the world can browse and buy from Oztion, all of the sellers are Australian, which is a big relief. I know that there have been numerous times when I have bought items from Ebay from buyers that I thought were in Australia only to later find out that they were stationed in China.

The only down side to Oztion at the moment is that few people know about it and it is still very small. Even though it is continuing to grow by the day, as a seller you would prefer for more people to join up so there are more opportunities to sell your stuff, but I am sure that it will be only a matter of time before it starts to rival Ebay in size. I am going to give Oztion a go and I hope that more people join me in doing so too.


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