Mr Magoo GE Print Cartoon

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Advertising, Animation, UPA
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This print cartoon was put out by GE to sell more light bulbs.

When I first started searching for information on Magoo I didn’t know what I would find. I thought he might appear in a handful of advertisements for various products and didn’t know that he was such an integral part of GE’s light bulb campaign for so many years. There are literally dozens of attractive print ads for GE featuring the myopic Magoo.

  1. Connie Goodell says:

    Today I found a keychain that had Mister Magoo saying “Even I can see the best lamps are G-E!” Vari-View PAT. NO. 2 815-310

  2. […] have previously posted some of the print ads featuring Magoo for GE (including this one and this one and this one and finally this one as well), and there was also an album of music for […]

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