Happy New Year?!

Posted: January 1, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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Last night Priscilla and I spent New Years’ Eve in the city watching the fireworks. While I think th fireworks were fun, but a bit extravagant, there were many people around who just wanted to annoy others rather than have fun. At around 10pm we had the fortunate opportunity to meet Scotty, who thought it was a great idea to sit on my lap and then to invite all his friends to sit on the very small seat with us. (I suppose he hoped that we would move!) He then proceeded to piss off the bikie that was also sitting next to me, and pick a fight with him because he wouldn’t move for him. The drunken Scotty then tried to pick a fight with the bikie, which fortunately for him his friends wisely pulled him away from. It was not just the bikie who wanted to throttle Scotty, but everyone else who was sitting in that area.

One question I would like to ask is why people feel the need to smoke when they are a part of a big crowd? Is it so that they can choke a large number of people with the toxic carcinogens that they are emitting from their lungs? Do they not know that they are annoying others? Do they just not care? At least six people decided to light up and then blow their smoke directly in my face last night!

Then there was the crowd after the fireworks had finished. Everyone tried to leave the area after the fireworks. Instead of being patient, a lot of people just wanted to push their way through, even though the crowd was going nowhere. There was also the one short arsed guy with the dreadlocks who thought it would be a great idea to shirt front everyone he walked past. He did this to me and I thought long and hard about doing it back to him, but considering I am twice his size I probably would have knocked him over. I did see this hero courageously bump into a young Asian girl who looked stunned and confused as to why someone would act like an arsehole like that.

As you can see it was quite a night that brought out the best in some people.


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