Posted: January 1, 2009 in Stuff

I am so frustrated and annoyed at the moment. I really hate people who just are blind to all of the things that I do. I am sick of constantly being overlooked and unacknowledged, with people only seeming to be able to see my faults and unable to see any of my good points. At the moment I am really seething and am filled with rage about this.

I do feel that there are a lot of people who just go around searching for other’s faults, ready to tear someone down the minute they find a single weakness. These people are blind to see anything other than someone’s faults and also secretly pray for that person to make an error so that they can go for the kill. They are unable to see any reasons for others to make an error, even though making errors is human, as they see it just as simply being an excuse for poor performance. They are blind to their own faults as in their minds they don’t have any at all, even though in reality they do.

I thin that a huge problem that I have is my poor self esteem. Whenever an incident happens I take things pretty bad and feel like I am hopeless. My confidence becomes wrecked and I end up crawling into my shell for weeks. Sometimes I find I am even unable to sleep.


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