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I know that everyone in the entire hangs onto my every word when I discuss the music that I have been listening to on my iPod. I forgot to put a post about this last week, so to make up for it I will write a list of the songs I have been listening to over the last two weeks.

  1. Holiday Road – Lindsey Buckingham
  2. Black Magic Woman – Santana
  3. Permanent Vacation – Aerosmith
  4. Give Me Back My Wig – Hound Dog Taylor & The Houserockers
  5. Cold Shot – Stevie Ray Vaughan
  6. Khe Sahn – Cold Chisel
  7. Wand Dang Doodle – Koko Taylor
  8. The White Room – Cream
  9. Shake Your Moneymaker – Fleetwood Mac
  10. Ain’t That A Lot Of Love – Taj Mahal
  11. Mannish Boy – Muddy Waters
  12. Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman
  13. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
  14. Faster – George Harrison
  15. Have You Ever Loved A Woman – Freddie King
  16. The Thrill Is Gone – B.B. King
  17. I Ain’t Drunk – Albert Collins
  18. Jeff’s Blues – The Yardbirds
  19. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
  20. Heart Of Gold – Neil Young

I don’t feel that much of an explanation is needed for this post as it is just an excuse to post some pretty nice pictures. I may follow this up with the sexiest F1, WRC, Australian Touring Cars, etc in future posts.

1 – Ferrari 330 P4

ferrari-330p3-2 Only four of these P4s were ever built, including one P3 that was converted to take the P4’s V12 engine. These cars took the first three places at Daytona in 1967, and a second place at Le Mans. While the P4 was fairly successful, it was not very aerodynamically efficient, despite it’s aggressively beautiful looks.

2 – Alfa Romeo 33/2


This Alfa is very beautiful and was quite successful during the 1968 season as it won a number of races in the 2 litre class, and did fairly well against the bigger Fords, Ferraris and Porsches too.

3 – Ford GT40 MkIV


This car was expected to dominate Le Mans in 1967 and while it did eventually win, only a single one of the big Fords finished the race.

4 – Gulf Ford GT40 MKII


The MK II is the classic variant of the GT40, that won Le Mans three times. The Gulf GT40 won twice in a row in 1968 and in a very close race in 1969.

5 – Martini Lancia LC2

I like the Martini livery, even when it adorned Porsche’s in the 70s and the Lancia WRC cars of the 80s and 90s. I am also a sucker for Italian cars and first started watching sports car racing when these LC2s hit the track.

6 – Group 44 Jaguar XJR5

The XJR5 heralded Jaguars come back to Le Mans. These American built cars in their green and white colours look good. I prefer this colour scheme to the later British Tom Walkinshaw Jags.

7 – Porsche 917

Porsches are not normally sexy. They are very fast and very efficient, but there seems to be too much science and not enough emotion when it comes to building Porsches. The 917 was the exception. Porsche were sick of having cars that could take out class wins at Le Mans and wanted an outright winner. They had come close to the outright victory a few times, but in 1969 decided to go all out with their most outrageous car. It dominated Le Mans in 1970 and 1971, as well as most races that it entered.

8 -Panoz LMP1

Lots of times heart over rides head when designing a race car, but not so much in modern times. The Panoz LMP1 roadster is notable for having the engine at the front of the car rather than behind the driver. In the early 2000s this was the only car able to compete with Audi in the ALMS.

9 – Aston Martin DBR9


One of the few modern race cars I think is sexy. The GT class definately has much better looking cars than the LMP class, and the Aston is the best looking of the lot.

10 – Nissan R90C

I don’t know why, I just love the Nissans that competed at Le Mans in the 80s and 90s.

Apologies to the Shelby Cobra, Jaguar D Type, Ferrari 250LM, Ferrari 512S, BMW M1, Porsche 956/962 and Bentley EXP Speed 8.