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EC Comics – Undercover

Posted: December 14, 2008 in EC Comics
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Here’s another infamous EC Comics’ story from Shock Suspenstory #6 drawn by Wally Wood. While I think it tries to show how evil the Ku Klux Klan is and was probably wild for an early 50s story, but is probably tame by today’s standards. Even so, it is a rare story (not for EC though) where evil triumphs over good.

One sad thing about the elction of President Barack Obama to the White House is that the membership of the Ku Klux Klan has again been on the rise. It seems that the a lot of scared white folks (not just) in the south, are fearful that a black president will… who knows what these looneys are scared of.


Look at the scan below. If anyone was in doubt that cartoons can be great works of art, hopefully this pic can help to dispel that idea. This is a brilliant painting used to help animators get an idea of what the cartoon that they are animating should feel. (I didn’t really articulate this at all well!)

This is one of my favourite Fleischer Popeye cartoons.

Jack Cole created Plastic Man in 1941. Unlike most superheroes his debut story also featured his origin. Cole was a brilliant cartoonist but quite a tortured soul. Like most comic book artists and writers of the time he dreamed of having his own newspaper comic strip, which he achieved just before he committed suicide in 1958. Cole also illustrated some ‘good girl’ art for Playboy magazine.

Plastic Man has been revived a number of times since DC Comics acquired the rights to the character in the 1960s, but none has been as successful as the original Cole stories were. In my opinion the reason for their lack of success is that they have focused too much on the humour of Cole’s original tales and not on the hero work. Cole’s stories not only featured great art, but had a sometimes dark sense of humour.