Well, That Was Unexpected!!!

Posted: December 11, 2008 in Blogging About Blogging
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Yesterday I posted a cartoon from Youtube on the blog about Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. You would think that this would be the least political thing that I could have done? Apparently my post was spammed by some Indian blogger who wanted to inform me about the things that s/he thinks India should do to Pakistan in response to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last month. Yep, I can see how that relates to a cartoon about Santa Claus’ favourite reindeer. I am so glad that the Indians and Pakistanis are really getting into the spirit of the season by suggesting that their governments unleash their nuclear arsenals on each other so as to wipe themselves off the face of the earth.

  1. Alas, the violence of this world. It reminds me of the wisest words to grace the columns of the Herald-Sun. It spoke of a time when cartoons were under attack from those who would blame them for the ills of the world. In reply, one spoke out: “Maybe those arguments would have some credibility if children were blowing each other up with TNT, or dropping anvils from the top of tall buildings onto passersby, but they aren’t… Cartoons are simply entertainment, nothing more.” You will be wise to pass on this message to your Indian commentator.

  2. mathewm1 says:

    Whoever said those words must have been very wise indeed!

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