Peace On Earth

Posted: December 8, 2008 in MGM
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With Christmas approaching I thought that it would be pertinent to post some Christmas related cartoons. Peace On Earth is an MGM cartoon from Christmas 1939 that was directed by Hugh Harman. At first glance this looks like just another typically Disney-esque cartoons featuring cute animals, but once you see those battle scenes you can see that it is so much more than that.

This is definitely an anti-war tale and those battle scenes that I mentioned earlier, are as well animated and scary as anything else that has been seen on the silver screen. Those scenes are very unsettling, especially after the cute opening sequence, and tapped into the fears that many people held as Europe was at war with itself.

This film was nominated for the 1939 Academy Award for an animated short feature (it lost to Disney’s The Ugly Duckling) and was also, according to Hugh Harmon, nominated for the 1940 Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately the 1940 Nobel Prizes were cancelled because of World War II, so it did not win or lose that award.


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