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I Love Aeroplane Jelly

Posted: December 7, 2008 in Australian Animation

This is perhaps the most famous piece of Australian animation ever made. The original Aeroplane Jelly theatrical commercial from 1942. This was animated by Eric Porter who was known as the ‘Australian Walt Disney’, although he didn’t have nearly as much success as Disney did.


This 1954 cartoon is actually a very important part of Australia’s animation history. Animated by Eric Porter Studios for Columbia’s Color Classics, this film and 1952s very hard to find Rabbit Stew, represented all of Australia’s theatrical cartoon shorts during the golden age of animation.

Most Australian animation during the 1940s and 50s consisted of advertisements, the most famous of these featuring a little aeroplane, a catchy jingle and lots of jelly, were animated by Eric Porter.
Whilst Porter tried to enter the American market with these films he was ultimately unsuccessful, perhaps because these films look at least ten years behind what the American studios were doing. In 1973 Porter created Australia’s first animated feature film Marco Polo Junior Versus The Red Dragon.