Carl Barks’ Ducktales Volume 1 – Review

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Disney
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Carl Barks’ Ducktales Volume 1 is a trade paperback containing some of Carl Barks’ most famous Uncle Scrooge stories, that were later used as the basis for the Ducktales cartoon series of the 1980s. I really recommend this as well as Volume 2 as they are perhaps the cheapest way to buy Barks’ brilliant stories. The best thing aboout these tales are that they are not only suitable for children to read, as they aren’t dumbed down like other child friendly books I could name, but adults can enjoy these stories too.

Volume 1 contains some of Barks’ greatest Scrooge stories, including my all time favourite Back To The Klondike, which reveals how Uncle Scrooge made his fortune and met his one true love Glittering Goldie, by becoming an argonaut in the Yukon goldrush of the 1890s. This is perhaps the most famous of all Barks’ stories and in the 1990s inspired Don Rosa to chronicle the history of Scrooge McDuck with the Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck. It is truly great story that everyone who loves comics and Disney should read.

Also featured in Volume 1 are The Land Beneath The Ground, which reveals the real reason why earthquakes occur, Micro-Ducks From Outer Space, Lemming With The Locket, Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan, and Hound Of The Whiskervilles. All are great reads showing just what a dynamic character that Scrooge is. Barks’ writing is truly inspired and shows just what a great imagination that he possessed. For ‘kids’ comic stories that were written half a century or more ago, these stories have greater sophistication and character development than many more ‘mature’ comics that are written today.


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