The new and improved Herald Sun

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Media Watch, Melbourne, Misc Thoughts
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I very rarely read the Herald Sun these days and there is a reason why, which can be seen in yesterday’s paper. They made a big announcement that Fiona Byrne, who is apparently Australia’s most respected gossip columnist (who really respects gossip columnists anyway?) joining them. Also, they are going to allow more space for their Confidential gossip pages for their readers’ reading pleasure. I remember the days when newspapers used to be filled with NEWS (what a novel idea). Is there anyone who really gives a rat’s arse about Britney Spears or Paris Hilton? Who really reads this crap anyway? There are magazines full of gossip, do we really need it in a newspaper too? Mmmm…

Oh, wait! The only way to get women to read a newspaper is to get rid of any news and add a lot of gossip, scandal and innuendo. I get it! I still won’t be reading it though!


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