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This is a very controversial Warner Bros. cartoon from the early 1940s, directed by Bob Clampett. This is in fact one of the infamous ‘censored 11’ that has been banned from being shown on TV or released on home video due to its racist content.
This cartoon is very well animated and has some very catchy music, but it is undeniably racist. Even if you were to argue that in the 1940s attitudes were different and that this is a product of its time, it does not make the cartoon any less racist.

Here’s a humourous couple of pages from National Lampoons that were written by Denny O’ Neil and pencilled by Don Newton (layouts by C C Beck). This is a comment on the legal situation of Captain Marvel, whose comic book career was ended after he was sued by DC for being too similar to Superman (can’t say that I see the similarities myself!). For a period in the 1940s Captain Marvel was more popular than the man of steel.

By the mid-late 70s DC had acquired the rights to Captain Marvel.

This is a very interesting EC Comics story from Shock Suspenstory #6. It has one of those famous EC twists that made their stories much more compelling than those from other companies.