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Chop Suey Specs

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Racism

I am not sure if this item is the most horribly racist thing I have seen in a long time, or the most awesome thing I have seen. I think the thing that make these worse is that they were made in Hong Kong.

This picture was found at the Authentic History website.


Batman Rallies Against Racism

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Batman, DC Comics, PSA
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just noticed that a lot of the posts that I have made so far have been about race or racism. I must say that I didn’t want to really do that and that it is all a big coincidence, although it is definately something that should be explored further. It would be interesting to see how the concept of race and the treatment of minorities changed in comic books and animated cartoons over the years. Mmmm, that may be something that I have to really plan out before I do though.

Anyway, I thought I would post this Batman public service announcement that I swiped from Sean Baby’s website.  I can honestly say that I don’t know much about the strip, but by the design of the Batmobile it looks like it came out some time in the 1940s. I do know that DC were running a lot of different public service announcements in their comics in the late 40s and early 50s about different things. I have read a few about fire prevention and another one about being friendly to foreigners (if they are hot Swedish girls) that were in Superboy comics, but this is the only one I have seen about integrating and accepting African Americans.